Post Construction Cleaning

After all the dust settles and the construction work is complete, it’s time for an essential task that often gets overlooked.

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Do I need professional post construction cleaning?

Ensuring the building is safe, clean, and tenant-ready, professional post-construction cleaning services are essential.

Although it can be daunting, a thorough post-construction cleaning by professionals with experience and proper equipment to ensure the building is safe, clean, and complies with health and other regulatory requirements.

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about our maintenance services

What does a post construction cleanup entail?

  • Rough Clean

    Clearing away construction waste, dust, and large debris.

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  • Detailed Cleaning

    Thoroughly addressing all surfaces, including windows, floors, and fixtures.

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  • Deep Cleaning

    Using specialized chemicals to leave all spaces spick and span.

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  • Spotless Finish

    Meticulous attention to detail, resulting in flawlessly clean and polished surfaces.

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Why hire Riverwood Cleaning for Post Construction Cleaning?

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We visit your space, assess the cleaning requirements, and provide a tailored quote.


Approve the quote, schedule the cleaning, and we’ll ensure your space shines.

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Darren H.

The Riverwood Cleaning team are easy to work with and quick to respond to extraordinary issues that arise from time to time.

Nick B.

Don’t waste time with other companies who can’t give you the same quality Riverwood Cleaning can provide.

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Riverwood Cleaning are very professional and always ensure that we are happy and kept up-to-date at all times!